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From the Editor
Helmut Wautischer | 07.1.2016

The first responsibility of EXISTENZ is to Jaspers scholarship, both past and present. Nonetheless, since the philosophy of Karl Jaspers was itself truly encompassing, "Jaspers scholarship" can be interpreted broadly. Jaspers was concerned with the whole of human experience and his thinking could never be confined to one or two highly specialized sub-fields within philosophy. For these reasons, EXISTENZ also positions itself at the edge of the dynamic interface between philosophy and religion, politics, and the arts.

Jaspers still came to experience a time when philosophers and theologians were at the vanguard of emancipatory movements for obtaining justice and human rights. Today, by contrast, it seems as though things have turned into their opposite. The topic of religion and politics no longer elicits the likes of Karl Jaspers, Paul Tillich, Reinhold Niebuhr, Abraham Heschel, and Martin Luther King, Jr. One is far more likely to think of apocalypticists, millennialists, and Neo-cons of various religious stripes and pathologies who see nothing inconsistent between faith and torture, who condone wars of occupation driven by territorial expansion and missionary zeal, and whose conspectus of religion and politics is driven by ideology and intolerance. We intend to show that this latter position, while dominant in the popular media, is by no means representative of the entire picture.

EXISTENZ submissions are peer-reviewed, using a double-blind format. This means that both authorsÂ’ and reviewers' identities are kept from each other. Most qualified peer reviewers face heavy workloads related to their own careers; reviews constitute an additional voluntary effort, hence patience is required to receive a substantial review. While we ask our reviewers to respond in a timely fashion, delays can and will occur.

Please review the volume index to assess the themes of future Existenz volumes. However, even if a listed topic does not match your manuscript, we cordially invite you to submit an unpublished manuscript related to Jaspers scholarship to be considered for publication in one of the forthcoming issues of Existenz.



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