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is an online journal in philosophy devoted to research and publication in philosophy, religion, politics, and the arts.  The title of this journal is inspired by the writing of Karl Jaspers and his notion of philosophizing on the grounds of possible Existenz (mögliche Existenz), by which he meant philosophical thinking that might elucidate the meaning of human experience and existence.

Helmut Wautischer

Assistant Editor
Ruth A. Burch

Mission Statement

The mission of Existenz is to encourage research and publication on problems and topics consistent with the general outlook of Karl Jaspers, namely, the history of philosophy, phenomenology, existentialism, and hermeneutics; psychology, philosophy of religion, politics, culture, and the arts. The journal serves as a medium of publication for Jaspers scholarship, it cooperates with various national Jaspers societies, including those in the United States, Japan, Poland, Germany, Austria, Italy, and Croatia, and it also considers direct submissions of articles for online publication.

The essays published in Existenz are made available Open Access by upholding and emphasizing the Academic Honor Code.


Pierre Keller

Augenblick, Agency, and Eternal Recurrence
Babette Babich From Nietzsche’s "Educational Institutions" to Jaspers and MacIntyre and Newman on "The Idea of the University"
Rolando Pérez Karl Jaspers and Miguel de Unamuno:
On Reason in an Age of Irrationality
Dirk R. Johnson Jaspers' Reading of Nietzsche's Antichrist
Ruth A. Burch Cheerful Creation of Words and Worlds:
Nietzsche’s The Gay Science in English Translation
Duncan Large

Joyous Conquest? On Retranslating
Nietzsche’s Die fröhliche Wissenschaft

Michael Lafferty Two Views on Buddhist Art: Karl Jaspers and William Empson
Ruth A. Burch On Cheerfulness and Seriousness in Nietzsche and Jaspers
Eva Cybulska Oedipus and the Riddle of Human Existence
Helmut Wautischer In Lieu of the Author
Vicky Iakovou On the Misuse of the Concept of Totalitarianism
S. Nassir Ghaemi Postmodern Anti-Science Ideology:
The Real Source of Totalitarianism
Leila Faghfouri Azar Structural Exploitation and Total Domination
Edward Mendelowitz The Reinstatement of the Vague:
Anti-Totalitarian and Literary Reverie
Michael Alan Schwartz COVID-19 Vaccination—Facing a Dilemma:
Restoring Trust in Public Health
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